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How I got Scammed out of $500 trying to download the ITPM Professional Trading Masterclass

I thought I was saving myself $2,500, but instead paid out $500 for two videos from the course and a bunch of ones off YouTube.


I went online, typed in professional trading masterclass download, or professional trading masterclass free download and found some guy offering all 28 ITPM courses for $500.


It all seemed legit, the site had reviews, testimonies, so I sent off my $500 via paypal. I received the first two in the series of the Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM) from Anton Kreil and the ITPM. After sending a load of emails, I then got a whole bunch of clips from YouTube and then nothing.


Don't Get Scammed Like Me.

In an effort to hit back at those who are conning people out of their hard earned cash, I’ve set up this site. First of all to send a warning that the people who are offering the ITPM Professional Trading Masterclass (plus the Professional Options Trading Masterclass and the Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass) are just scam artists. You WILL NOT receive all (or any) of the classes. All you will get is one or two of the videos from the start of the courses which are on YouTube anyway, and then just a load of videos that are Institute of Trading promo videos that are all available on YouTube. It is a total con. The guys who conned me are from Russia and there is no recourse. You will not get your money back.


I thought I might as well upload all the videos, clips and interviews in one place and it won't cost you a cent. Don’t get scammed by these guys. Instead of paying for videos that are free on YouTube go view them by going to the navigation bar on this site or go to the buttons below and CLICK

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